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The Ecurbian View

My Academic Resume (pdf format)
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Training and Experience

On the completion of secondary school I obtained a place on the Univeristy of Western Australia Engineering course. This course was a four year course, it had a common 1st year, followed by specialisation into the electrical or electronic stream and the civil or mechanical. In third year the four streams seperated. In fourth year the students concentrated on a project, I chose non linear systems analysis. The common 1st year included compulsory units from mathematics, physics, and chemistry; as well as ethics. During my four years I took on the role of a tutor to earn some extra cash, and because I enjoyed teaching.

After working as an electronics engineer, I returned to the University of Western Australia to complete a bachelors degree in computing, and concurrently, a degree in mathematics. Because of my background giving me credit for 1st and 2nd year subjects, the mathematics degree was done mainly at 3rd year level. Thus, I completed more units at 3rd year level than was required or usual for the course. I refused an offer of honours in mathematics, but took up a joint honours in mathematics and computing a year later. During this time, I also tutored for extra cash and because I enjoyed teaching.

After working as a software engineer, I returned to the University of Western Australia to complete a doctoral degree in Mathematics and Computing. It began in the computing dept, but my disposition increased the mathematical component, in the analysis of optimisation of special case matrix operations. During the course of this work, I also studied symmetries in formal term structures and wrote several term reduction engines which I used to study the nature of software languages. At this time I completed an as yet unpublished treatise on the nature of temporal logic.

After working for 18 months as a software and hardware engineer, developing the electronics, firmware, and operating system for a palmtop computer, I moved to Cardiff to be a full time reseach fellow at the University there. I investigated the curious behaviour of solid models, computable geometry, and approximate symmetry. I developed a new algorithm, and colaborated on work for various approximate symmetry papers. At the same time, I developed an interest in quantum computing. I attened several talks at the university, and then eventually had a couple of papers on quantum mechanics accepted into the lake garda conference on mysteries in quantum mechanics.

I left Cardiff to take up a position as senior lecturer in Massey University in New Zealand. There I taught various advanced programming courses, covering several paradigms: logic, function, object, machine, list; as well as an honours course in solid modeling. I gave several talks, and appeared on a 5-minute slot on television. I colaborated with a collegue on a software for the simulation of rainfall, and spent 2 months in the USA working on NASA magneto hydro dynamics code, in FORTRAN. I also developed some material on entropy in parsing and compression algorithms. It was at about this time that I published my first book on software engineering.

I left Massey University to take up a position as an assistant professor at the Al Ain University in the United Arab Emirates. Apart from the interest in exposure to other cultures, I was motivated by being told that I could expect to be able to pay off a house in five years. At Alain, I taught many different courses, mainly in probability and statistics, stochastic processes, and programming languages. I also taught some introductory mathematics. My academic paper were mostly in the area of analysis of algorithms to reduce large boolean expressions. It was during this time that I published my second book on software engineering.

I left Al Ain when the contract ended, and took up a position in Perth, as a commericial software engineer. I am working on a third book about software engineering, as well as colaborating with a collegue at Massey on a book on teaching Markov processes using Haskell.

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